It’s clear that Gloucestershire is facing big challenges over the next 30 years and we’ve already heard lots of ideas about what the county needs from local residents, businesses and organisations.

But the county’s resources are limited so we need a fair and transparent process for choosing the ideas that have the best chance of improving the lives of everyone in Gloucestershire.

Here are eight ambitions for our county in 2050. We think these ambitions could be used to assess the best ideas that come out of the Big Conversation over the next few months. Read more about our approach.


A magnet county

We would like to see a growing working age population, by keeping and attracting more 18-40 year olds with high level qualifications, who want to live and work in the county.



An innovative county

We would like to see more businesses starting up, growing, and investing in research and innovation.



A skilled county

We would like to see more people with high-level skills and jobs in skilled occupations.



A prosperous county

We would like to see rising productivity and household income, offering higher living standards.



An inclusive county

We would like the economic and social benefits of growth to be felt by all.




A healthy, happy county

We would like people to have a good work/life balance and to see improved health and wellbeing.



A connected county

We would like to see improved transport and internet connections so that people and businesses can connect with each other more easily.



A sustainable county

We would like to see more efficient use of resources and more use of sustainable energy.




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